Saturday Wake Up Tour

10:30 AM – 3:30 PM

$69.00 – All Inclusive Brewery Tour

180 Commercial Street – Portland, ME  04101

Maine Beer Tours will give craft beer lovers from New England, and beyond, the opportunity to learn about the brewing process, taste some of the best beers in the Northeast, and learn about the Maine brewing industry.  Where exactly are we going on Saturday?


Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash Brewing Company started in 1995, as a one man operation.  At that time, both German and British styles were very prevelant around the US, while the ever-creative Belgian styles were hard to find.  Founder Rob Todd not only found his niche in the industry, he perfected it.  Allagash began as New Englands original Belgian-style brewery, and have grown into one of the industries most well respected brands.

Samples and a tour of their incredible facility.


Austin Street Brewery

Austin Street Brewery started with Jake’s home brewing hobby quickly moving from a casual day off activity to an outright obsession.  The name “Austin Street Home Brewery” started out as way to identify the brews coming out of Jake’s garage on Austin St. in Westbrook, Maine.  After years of drinking Jakes home brewed beers and seeing the progression from good, drinkable beer to some of the best beer he’s ever tasted, Will convinced Jake that it was time to share his beer with more people.  It was decided that the name would remain, sans the word “home” and thus “Austin Street Brewery” was born.

Here we will enjoy a couple of samples and have the opportunity to check out a true nano brewery! 

BBB logo

Peter and Noah grew up in rural Milo, Maine, and have a history of working together.  As youngsters, they pushed around a pumpkin and gourd cart, selling their goods all over the neighborhood.  Well, some years have passed since then, and they have graduated to producing and self distributing hoppy libations.  These guys are new to the Maine beer scene, but have built up a nice following, which will only continue to grow!

We’ll have a sample or two (depending on what they have on tap) and check out their brewhouse.

GLB logo

Great Lost Bear

Since 1979 the GREAT LOST BEAR has become a Portland institution. A family restaurant and an American Craft Beer Destination.  We will have pub snacks and a pint, and they have a lot to choose from!

Pub snacks and a pint.  Enough said.