Friday Funday Tour

11:45 AM – 4:30 PM

$59.00 – All Inclusive

180 Commercial Street – Portland, ME  04101

Maine Beer Tours will give craft beer lovers from New England, and beyond, the opportunity to learn about the brewing process, taste some of the best beers in the Northeast, and learn about the Maine brewing industry.  Where exactly are we going?

Maine Mead Works

Maine Mead Works was founded in 2007 with the goal of re-introducing the world to the oldest of all fermented beverages.  Using locally sourced honey, clear, pure water and their own proprietary yeast strain, they blend ancient tradition and modern science to produce distinctive wines at their meadery in downtown Portland, Maine.


Bizarre Foods host Adam Zimmern recently hailed Salvage as “truly world class BBQ”.  We’re not sure there is much more we can say than that, right?  We’ll be visiting Salvage to snack on some of their smoked meats and fantastic side dishes, as well as enjoy a variety of Maine brewed beers.  With options from the likes of Bissell Brothers Brewing, Bunker Brewing, Atlantic Brewing, Baxter Brewing and Sheepscot Brewing, among others, Salvage will be the perfect stop for any tour.


Established in 1998, Sebago Brewing Company offers a solid lineup of year-round hand-crafted beers, 5 seasonal beers and a number of highly anticipated “Single Batch Series” offerings.  Brewed with all American malt, hops and crystal clear water from Maine’s Sebago Lake, Sebago Brewing Company’s beers are regarded as creative, high quality, unique beers that tempt and arouse the palates of New England’s beer lovers.

Foundation  Brewing Co.

“We love beer. We love the sound of it pouring it into a glass and to watch as it tumbles down the side. We love the smell as we bring it to our lips, and the taste from the first sip to the last. But we love it for more than just that. When we pour a glass, we recall the good times shared with friends and family over great beer. We love its promise of the future, anticipating when we will meet again. Having the chance to share stories over a pint, and enjoy the company of friends, both new and old.”