Wait a minute, you say, how does all of this work?  The following is a list of questions we suspect you are thinking about, and, of course, our extremely well thought out answers.  And go…

Question – When and where do you pick us up?

Answer – Our pickup and drop off location is 180 Commercial Street, which is basically in front of Portland Lobster Company.  We urge folks to get there 10-15 minutes prior to departure time in order to get signed in and ready to go.  We are working with other businesses, so timeliness is important.

Question – I paid for a ticket, because this sounds like a blast!  But what does the price of the ticket cover?  Do I need to bring more money?

Answer – Our tours are all inclusive, so the cost of the ticket includes transportation to and from the breweries, tours, samples and gratuities at the breweries, snacks and beverages on the bus, as well as some trivia and a chance at free stuff.  That being said, we strongly encourage people to buy any and all products that they may want at the breweries (beers you like, t-shirts, bottle openers, whatever).  Let’s do everything we can to support the local, small breweries here in Maine.

Question – Do I need to bring my ID?

Answer – We will check your ID, and you must be 21 years young to ride with us.  In fact, we don’t care if you are 91, we are still going to verify your age.  We are not good at guessing ages, and I’m sure you don’t mind, right?

Question – The tour runs through lunch time, are we stopping to eat along the way?

Answer – The short answer is no, we are not stopping.  The long answer, however, is much better!  All of our tours will offer a variety of locally made popcorn to pretzels, as well as either hand pies from Little Bigs (in South Portland) or slices from Flatbread Pizza (in Portland).  We promise, you won’t be let down.


Question – Wait, so will I get intoxicated?

Answer – The intent of Maine Beer Tours is to give you a wide variety of samples from around the state of Maine.  We want to give you as much as we can, without giving you too much.  We hope that you sample something along the way that you have never had before, and that you hope to have again and again.  We are going to ensure that nobody gets out of control and takes away from the experience for others.  We like to see it as having fun, responsibly.

Question – Do you provide any non-alcoholic drinks during the tour?

Answer – Yes, we always have a cooler with ice cold water in it.  It’s always good to stay hydrated!  We are also working on offering samples of locally made sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Question – Is it possible the tour may not happen?  I’m trying to make travel arrangements, when will I know for sure?

Answer – It is possible, yes.  We need to have a minimum of 6 people signed up to hit the road.  It’s better for you, it’s better for us, and it is rarely an issue.  We try really hard to ensure that we don’t need to cancel a tour, but it can happen from time to time.  We will make the decision to cancel on Wednesday by 2:00 PM.  If you haven’t heard from us, you are all set.  If we do have to cancel due to low turnout, do not fear, we’ll reschedule you!

Question – What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Answer – We understand that things can come up.  We all work other jobs, have kids, and many other commitments to keep, trust us, we really understand.  That being said, if you need to cancel, and give us more than a 72 hour notice, we will refund your money, less a $3.00 processing fee.  We will not be able to refund anyone for cancellations made within 72 hours of the tour time, or following the scheduled tour for purchased but unused tickets.

Question – My tour guide was great!  Very informative and witty, can I give him/her a tip?

Answer – That is completely up to you, but if you feel they earned it, feel free.  Nobody ever expects a tip, and will never be upset if they don’t get one, so do not feel obligated.  This is completely at your discretion.  If you’d like to bring beers from wherever it is you are coming from, we’d love to share with you!

Question – I’ve got a large group itching to do a tour with you guys, do you offer a group rate?  What about a cancellation policy?

Answer – You want to fill a bus?  Yes, please!  We love large groups (please note, our bus holds 13.  Seriously, we can only do up to 13), and will do everything we can to accommodate you.  That being said, we do not offer group discounts at this time.  Our tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis, and encourage you to grab all of the tickets you will need quickly.  If you want to be certain that you have the bus to yourself, grab all of the tickets.  If you don’t mind folks you don’t know joining you, just grab what you need.  Either way, we’ll have fun, we promise.

Question – But we have a group larger than 13.  Can you accommodate a group of 14 or more?

Answer – This is where things start to get a little tricky.  If you have a group larger than 14, give us a shout.  We won’t promise you anything, but we’ll certainly see what we can do.  Brewery size, group size, day of week and time of day can all be pretty big factors with larger groups.  We aren’t saying no, but we’ll definitely need more info before we can say yes.

Question – With so many different tours available in Maine, why Maine Beer Tours?

Answer – We could give you a million reasons!  We are an extremely laid back all inclusive tour, which includes transportation, snacks, beer samples and tons of fun.  Not only will you learn all about what goes into your favorite beer, you will be able to sample it!  When you compare the cost of the other tours in town to ours, and get all of the perks that we offer and others don’t, it’s a pretty simple answer!  We hope that you join us soon!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call (207-553-0898) or send an email (info@mainebeertours.com).