Brew Review – Hop Swap – Sebago Brewing Company

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Brew Review – July 22, 2014

Hop Swap (6.70% abv) – Sebago Brewing Company


Hop Swap is brewed annually with the same grain bill, but each year Sebago swaps out the hops to showcase new and unique characteristics.  This experimentation allows them to use different hops, pushing the boundaries of both aroma and flavor.  This year’s Hop Swap has bold notes of pineapple, citrus and pine, which round out the clean, dry finish.  In short, this is everything I want an IPA to be.

We cracked open a growler last night, and the citrus and pineapple jumped right out at me.  I instantly fell in love!  It pours a nice golden color, with a nice head.  The first sip was just was I expected, with tons of hop aroma hitting me right in the taste buds.  Big citrus.  Big pine.  No real bitterness.  Excellent.  The Citra, oh how I love the Citra hop.  Also, it went extremely well with our turkey burgers and Fox Family Farm potato chips!  So glad to see these guys bottling Hop Swap this year!  Get your hands on some while you can, you won’t be let down!



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