Steve Shulkosky

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Designated Driver / Beer Guide

While I  do enjoy other beverages, I have always been a craft beer lover and I am always  searching out all things craft beer. I have been able to enjoy some wonderful beers while  meeting awesome people and I believe that’s what it’s all about.

I grew up in Bangor and attended college at Johnson & Wales University in Providence,  RI.  After college I worked in the food industry as a corporate chef, but then decided to  relocate  back to Maine and pursue a career in the beverage industry.  I have lived in  Portland now  for about 5 years. I live on the West end with my wife and my dog Moose.  Moose is often  my sidekick on my craft beer adventures. He takes car rides north with  me to pick up  growlers or walks into town to sit on a patio while I enjoy a beer.

While I was a Distiller and Sales Rep for New England Distilling, I learned that the best thing about this industry is meeting all kinds of great people and trying the newest things.  I  love this state and everything it has to offer.  Maine has some amazing breweries,  wineries  and distilleries.  I am looking forward to being able to help others learn more  about all  that Maine has to offer.