Rob Calder

I’m a salesmanrob photo by trade and a left brained artist by night. I enjoy spending time with my wife and surfing, disc golfing, playing music, catching a game, wrenching on motorcycles and scooters, and going to concerts. Learning by doing, is the best thing in my opinion. I was afraid of needles for a long time, so I took a Phlebotomy certificate course. I was afraid of public speaking, so I performed stand-up comedy for a few years. I was intrigued by religions and beliefs and decided to become a Dudeist Priest in the Church of the Latter Day Dude.  So if you need someone to perform an exorcism while bloodletting with a bowling pin and cracking wise about it, I may be the most qualified.

Born and raised in the Greater Portland area I’ve been fortunate enough to see the local craft brew scene explode. Starting from my first sip of Pabst Blue Ribbon that grandad let me sip when my folks weren’t looking, to chasing down and enjoying rare brews from some really great brewers, I feel fortunate to get to try so many especially in a region where new and greater beers seem to multiply by the day.

I really look forward to hitting the road and talking about the stellar beer culture of Portland, and making new friends. I’m the guy on the right, the other guy is on his own path.

Rob can be found on the bus during corporate and private tours Monday through Wednesday, otherwise he is rocking the tasting room at Mast Landing Brewing Company!