Nichole Stevens

nichole and yawkey

Co-Owner / Designated Driver / Beer Guide / So on and so on…


I am a life-long Mainer that grew up in Alton, a very small town that borders Old Town. I later attended college in Bangor at Husson University before moving to Southern Maine. Though I have traveled the world, having spent time in England and Central America, I’ve always remained firmly rooted in Maine and love everything Maine has to offer. As someone that firmly believes in, and supports, a buy local/drink local way of life, I strive to support Maine businesses whenever possible. I also give back much of my time to Maine based charities by way of mentoring children, fundraising and donating both time, and tours, to them. But, most importantly, I am a mother of two. Brooklyn, our newest addition to the family, and Kerrigan, my step-daughter, make me strive to always be a better person today than I was yesterday.

Maine + Beer = LOVE: After finishing up college and moving to Southern Maine, I began visiting, and working in, local restaurants and bars to help supplement my dining, drinking and traveling desires.  Working in the local service industry is where my love affair with Maine beer began. Not only did I meet my future husband, a home brewer, and many folks that have remained my closest friends, it was during this time that I began broadening my palate and developing an affinity for Maine craft beer. Though I’ve visited breweries, and brew pubs, from Maine to California, the craft beer culture here in Maine is where I am very lucky and proud to call home.