Mark Stevens

mark on tour

Co-Owner / Designated Driver / Beer Guide / So on and so on…

When I first thought of this idea, it seemed so basic.  There were food tours, but nobody providing an insiders experience on the beer scene.  I’ve been to probably 50 different breweries from Maine down to North Carolina, and all the way out to Arizona and California.  I’ve been to some of the largest craft brewers  in the country (Stone, Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Brewery), as well as many smaller ones, and they all have  the same thing in common, a passion for craft beer.  I wanted to share these experiences with family, friends  and strangers alike.  The other thing I really wanted to share with folks was my love  for the great state of Maine.

I was born and raised in Fort Fairfield, up in “The County”.  I  grew an appreciation for craft beer in college, when friends and I would hit up the local bottle shop and make our own 6 packs of random beers from around the world.  Some were hits, some were misses, but we learned that there was so much more out there outside of the big 3 macro brewers.  I brewed my first batch of beer at 19 years old, with a 1 gallon kit I purchased at Cool as a Moose in Bar Harbor.  It was awful, BUT, I learned that I could make my own beer, and I didn’t let a gallon of poorly carbonated motor oil  stop me!  Now, 15 years and probably 2 dozen batches since, I am head over heels for all things beer.

When I’m not riding the bus tour and talking about beer, I’m working at Baxter Brewing Co or spending time with my young family.  I am the extremely proud father of Kerrigan (12 years old) and Brooklyn (15 months), and love spending time in gymnasiums, at softball fields, or playing at the park.  Nichole and I love to travel, spend time with family, and we try to get to as many concerts and sporting events as possible.  Life is meant to be lived, and I enjoy every minute of it!