Jessica Means

Jessica Means picJessica loves tacos, cats, and math, although not necessarily in that order. Oh and of course beer! She loves beer too. In addition to regularly talking about herself in the third person; she enjoys cooking, looking at unicorns on the internet, and spending time with her husband Dan and cat Lydia. When not drinking responsibly, she can be found eating.

Jessica is a San Francisco native but has been trying to pass herself off as a Mainer since 1999. Previous incarnations have included:

—> Jessani, one of Maine’s premier belly dancers, teachers, choreographers, and founder of Naya’s Trance Belly Dance.

—> Shirley Temptation, a sequin sporting, feather boa floofing, Nutcracker Burlesque original cast member and 10-year veteran.

—> Ms. Soule, a high school special education teacher, USM adjunct faculty member, and math intervention specialist.

Jessica enjoys working with Maine Beer Tours because it allows her to share her love of craft beer with such a wide variety of people. She hopes folks get on the bus looking for a taste of Maine that involves something other than lobsters, blueberries, and whoopee pies and that they get off the bus inspired to #drinklocal from Tallahassee to Timbuktu and all points in between.

I am Jessica Means and I approve this message.